How I came to start my business

Last week was Malmö Näringslivsgala. I haven’t had the opportunity to go before, but this year the chance was handed to me. So with a last-minute call, I took @byfridaem with me and went to an amazing evening at Malmö Näringslivsgala, met fantastic people, and started to come back to that feeling of passion and hunger. It’s been an amazing first year of business, and I have plans for the future I’m not letting go of.

My journey started long before my business

Even before I was in the equivalent of highschool here in Sweden, I already had the passion for photography and creative matters. But I never had the thought of it becoming more than a very important hobby of mine – at least that I knew. I would never be able to sacrifice my need for creativity and aesthetics, although I was a bit unsure if I would like to pursue them as part of my work. Mostly because I was so afraid that if I made myself dependent on my creativity being my source of income, would I perhaps come to resent it as a constraint? Something I have to do, whether I was feeling like it or not, in order to keep food on the table? 

What I knew was that I wanted to learn more, and just be able to create, and find new ways of creating. As many do, I studied, practiced, tested and recreated. When I started my internship during my studies of graphic design, I started to realise that working with my passions was exactly what I wanted, needed, to do. Every day becomes so much more exciting when you love what you do during the hours of the day. 

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

– Neale Donald Walsch

I had long heard the encouragement from people I met and got to know during my journey, that I should start my own business. They saw, long before I did, that this passion I had talking about photography and design, was something I should make use of. I was just not there yet, mentally. It took me a few years of working, and networking, before I figured out I was ready, cut the safety net and just went for it. 

A year in

Now it’s already been almost one and a half year since I started my business. The road to this point has been much longer of course, with networking while studying, talking and learning as much as I could about the possibilities, challenges and profits of starting your own business. 
Looking back, there are a couple things I would have told that girl years ago, hesitating to take her aqcuaintance’s advice and start her own business: 

  • Administrative tasks of a business won’t be a problem; you already have many people around you that can help you, and you’re a quick learner. Don’t let that be the reason to hesitate about your decision. 
  • Keep asking questions and be bold. Feel proud of asking a question when you want to know or learn more.
  • Cherish the inspiration you get when talking about your passion. Use that momentum and go into action. Motivation is a fleeting thing, but start now and you begin to build dedication and discipline. 
  • You have time. Don’t stress about the future – not even the bus – you will make it either way. 
  • Remember to take time for your mental and physical health. That way you will persevere in tougher times. 
  • And for goodness sake: sit with a straight posture! 

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