About Em

Em Kjellberg

Even before I was in the equivalent of high school here in Sweden, I already had the passion for photography and creative matters. I knew I wanted to learn more, and just be able to create, and find new ways of creating. As many do, I studied, practiced, tested and recreated.
When I started my internship during my studies of graphic design, I started to realize that working with my passions was exactly what I wanted to do. Every day becomes so much more exciting when you love what you do during the hours of the day!

I’m a photographer and graphic designer, and I aim to help you empower your communication. This through visual means within my areas of expertise.

I help you capture the moments during your event, show off your office or premises, or get vivid visuals of your products or services. I focus on the action and life during a photoshoot – to frame the interactions between people and/or objects, for you to use in your marketing and communication channels.
I also offer image retouch; perfect for those with more abstract services!

Whether you’re in need of some document or presentation templates, a corporate identity applied to any digital or printed matter, or other marketing or sales materials, I will assist according to your needs within your project.

Sometimes you only need an outside sounding board for feedback or ideas from a new perspective – that is why I’m also offering consultation for those moments when you only need someone to discuss your project with. 

Should you have any questions, want to find out what I can help you with, or want to book a meeting with me – fill out the form, or email me directly at em@emkjellberg.com