Elin Almare

My friend Elin was preparing for IFBB World Championship 2019, and was in need of some photos of her during her peak week. She wanted a few good images for herself to have for motivation and as memories for this big event of her competition journey.

For me it’s always important that the people I photograph feel at ease with me and the camera, so I make sure to discuss a bit and get to know the models a bit better, to know how to handle the situation as best as possible.

Saturday before the competition weekend, we met up at her gym, discussed ideas and went around the gym to check lighting and suitable excercises to bring out the most of her peak week body. Since it was her resting day, we didn’t pick any tough exercises or high weights, but rather focused on how to bring out her muscles the best way. A bit of posing in between as well, and most important of all – a lot of fun! To make sure that Elin could relax during the shoot it was important to be able to joke around and take some silly pictures as well, to get the excess energy through both our systems.

At delivery of the images, Elin was very pleased with the result, as am I. And of course, I wish you the very best during your competition weekend!