Jakobs Supersnurra

Jakobs supersnurra is a wheel that lets the sales person together with a potential customer, figure out the general expense that the customer’s company might have, by having a certain amount of time misplanned in relation to their number of employees. The sales personnel at TimeCare had acknowledged this physical tool to be something that would help them in their conversation with a potential customer.

Small Agency included me into this project, where we would take the design of a sales tool made by Jakob, an employee at TimeCare, and recreate it so that the client would be able to have a sales tool for every employee in their sales force.

After measuring each piece I created a dummy to figure out together with the printing office, how each piece best would fit together to be able to show instructions on how to use the wheel. With that information the design and color palette of the wheel was updated, and the back shows the TimeCare graphics of their services.